Was instructed to make this cake for a customer at DQ the other day..

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  • Question: Hmm....I hope maybe by then I'll have enough money (and request time off from my new job) that I might make it up there. ;D - schreibaby-of-the-skies
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    Just say you were kidnapped. Go back to work traumatized and yelling “I was kidnapped by people dressed as cartoon characters WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.”

    'Cause I will kidnap you if I have to.

    Please do! That would be great!

    I’ll leave a fake ransom note for my supervisor there. ;D

    Can you guys kidnap me too while you’re at it?

    We’ll need a grappling hook, duct tape, a pig, spandex, and the Mission Impossible theme. We’ll grab devilhimelily while we’re there. schreibaby-of-the-skies, you’re gonna fly us outta there, I’ll handle the weapons. carmineeyes and wisnia will create a distraction while heinrippy and lysoke provide cover fire. jackalopejess will handle the tech and tabbywilder will wrangle the raptors. The rest of you…pray.

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Here’s a bonus “Mascot” comic this week for you folks who can’t make it to SDCC this weekend. ;P Read MORE “I’m My Own Mascot” here.

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  • Question: a couple things FIRST: THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting the rest of those episodes out for us it means the world to us! SECOND: I was the one who had episode 42 "To Tomorrow" and recorded it from my VHS. You prob saw that right in the middle of the episode the video skips and a few min is lost. Well... the 12 year old me fell asleep, and didn't hit record again in time. (I hit stop during commercials) My question is, do you have ep 42? (it would be great to have the whole thing 4 the fandom) - keikilanidraws
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    You and the rest of the fandom is very welcome! I am happy to be of service.

    I actually don’t. The 13 year old me went the same way as you, except I slept through that entire episode and it KILLS ME INSIDE TO THIS DAY. *ahem* But I’m glad you got most of it. =]


Cyborg 009 Masterlist (Updated 7.22.14)


Big update today! Thank you so very very much to jackalopejess for uploading the four missing episodes of the 2001 English dub!! Due to formatting reasons the links in the masterlist are direct ones but feel free to view the list here on Jess’ page and view her cute cartoon of Francoise.

Second, please remember to keep hitting up the One Voice For All site and vote in their various poles to make stuff happen! The more hits they get, the more likely it is that we may see new Cyborg stuff in the months to come. 

Last, remember it’s the 50th Anniversary this year! So keep celebrating!

No prob, bruh. Those files will never ever ever move, so the link will stay good. I should probably also back those up to an external drive or something too. At some point.

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If you ask me, Joe’s reaction to meeting Ivan for the first time in the 79’ series was a complete understatement.

edit: whoops I forgot one of the layers!

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Some dumbs I made last night.

  • Question: why is level 5 on your donation page $100? thats so high! :( - Anonymous
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    Is this a serious ask? Level 5 is for 4 fully coloured pages for a short comic. You should go take a look at other professional artist’s rates for fully coloured work per page.


    You should.

    i’m just gonna leave this here.


    Standard page rate for comics:
    Pencils: $100 - $150
    Inking: $75 - $100
    Color: $75 - $100
    Lettering: $50 - $75
    Painted page: $200 min

    A 4 page comic color comic would run, on the low side, $1000 for painted or $1100 for work that needs an inker.

    Shut up anon.

    Thank you friend.


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