I like to collect things. All sorts of things. Unusual things.

As once mentioned, I am a member of the Chuck E. Cheese’s fandom. Yes, that’s a thing. We used to have a mini fan gathering called Cheesevention but the organizers stopped doing it after the tenth one. Mmph.

Anyway, in addition to owning a lot of vintage CEC tokens, toys, signage and prizes, I am also in possession of a number of official mascot costume pieces. They’re in various states of repair, but I can fix them up. It’s amazing that so many of these leaked into the fandom. The heads are supposed to be destroyed by management when they’re no longer needed, but I think some CEC fans who worked for the company bribed them in another direction.

I recently came into a new (to me) rat-style Chuck E. head, but the one I currently have is in better condition, so I’ll clean up and sell the new one on eBay. May fetch me $200 or so. I used to have another that I also sold. Really don’t need a bunch of duplicates.

So that’s that. There are still more items I’d like to find, such as an inaugural 1977 token and another outfit for my Chuck costume, but those cost money, and I’d rather complete my Cyborg 009 Tokyopop print collection first. Seven down, three more to go.

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